Hardware Supply

Our hybrid approach allows us to be your source for all your hardware needs, including commercial finish hardware, commercial doors and frames, and custom residential hardware. Our expertise begins with working with the architect in the beginning stages with the design and specification process. From there, we work closely and efficiently with the builder and homeowner to complete the finished project. The service our team of experts provides is a crucial part of the design and scheduling process of a project. Together, we help the builder, designer, architect, and homeowner remain focused.

Products include: - General hardware suppplies; - Building materials; - Sanitary hardware; - Tiles and brassware.

Hardware supplies

Electrical Testing

The Health and Safety Executive, BS 7871, and building regulations all require electrical installations and equipment to pass a number of electrical tests to guarantee their safety. Sakcem offers fixed installation testing and Portable Appliance Testing to ensure clients are in compliance with all of these legal requirements. Our electrical testers are fully trained, and use the latest diagnostic equipment to carry out all necessary tests. Particular attention is paid to safety, damage and deterioration from age, wear and tear, and corrosion etc, and excessive load bearing. We provide detailed written reports on test results including a full quotation for any work needed.

Electrical Testing


Electrical maintenance

Ongoing maintenance of electrical systems and equipment is of the utmost importance to keep systems safe and working. We offer our clients full cover of electrical equipment, providing routine, regular maintenance to ensure continued operation with no down time or failures, and covering all types of maintenance as recommended in the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, the Electricity At Work Act 1989 and the I.E.E. Regulations.


When electrical power fails for whatever reason, it can be inconvenient and even dangerous and on certain sites, such as hospitals, it can be life-threatening. That’s why it is important to have a system in place that can be relied on when the unexpected happens. The majority of new buildings are now being constructed with integral emergency lighting systems installed as standard. However, existing and older public buildings have had to undergo major installations to comply with current standards: Our Emergency Lighting Systems comply with all necessary industry standards, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in this specialist field. We can install self-contained luminaries to the conversion of main luminaries, with an optional installation of central battery units (24, 50 & 110v) to the mains static inverters powering standard lights, which will provide long-term, cost-effective installation.

Emergency Lights

Outdoor Items

Security Systems

To complement our fire alarm services, we also provide leading edge technologies for domestic, commercial and industrial security systems including:

- Intruder alarm systems for domestic and commercial with telephone links to monitoring stations; - CCTV systems with stand-alone or linked systems to central stations; - Electrical Maintenance; - Access control with stand-alone readers to online central systems; - Combined staff attack with nurse call systems.

Alarm Systems

We offer a comprehensive range of all fire alarm and fire security services including:

- Conventional analogue addressable fire alarm systems; - PA/VA systems for incorporation with fire alarm systems; - VESDA aspirating systems; - Double knock control panels and suppression systems for computer rooms; - Linear detection systems for covered car parks and underground ducts; - Planned maintenance; - Paging system connected to fire alarms, compliant to DDA requirements; - Water detection systems for areas of high risk of water damage including basements and computer rooms.

Alarm Systems